Hard Drive Destruction



One of the most essential centerpieces of the operation of IT programs is hard drives. Hard drives contain confidential, sensitive information that should be protected with strict security measures. When upgrading or decommissioning your IT programs, you must take precautionary or preventative security measures so as not to risk data theft.

Many people may think by drilling through the center of the drive and throwing it away is the best (and easiest) manner to destroy hard drives but to ensure safety of your data, a more secure process should be implemented.


Professional Help

To ensure proper hard drive destruction, you should contact trained professionals. Many professionals, such as KVS Computers, follow authorized data destruction guidelines such as those outlined by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Relying on trained professionals, you can ensure your data will be properly destroyed.

Certificate of

When acquiring professionals to destroy your hard drives, you can rest assure your data is destroyed properly and securely. Upon completion of the destruction process, professionals will provide you with detailed documentation of destruction or proof of destruction termed a Certificate of Destruction (COD).
Below is a detailed breakdown of reasons why you should opt for hard drive destruction services such as those offered by KVS Computers of Hughesville, PA.

Permanently Deleting Data

When opting to upgrade your hard drives, you should ensure your existing/current drives are properly erased and the threat of data theft is eliminated.  Competent criminals can readily access data on hard drives that are not erased or disposed of properly.  By hiring professionals to perform your hard drive destruction, you are ensuring your data is permanently eliminated and eradicating any possibility of data theft.

Say No to Unnecessary Fines

Comprehensive data privacy or data protection laws exist to provide framework on how to protect, use and store sensitive, personal data.  This framework provides principles for protecting consumer/citizen data.  The laws are in place to determine who has access to the data, how the data is collected as well as the manner in which it is stored.  These laws exist to protect individuals and punish those who do not comply.  Some organizations can face fines/penalties if they do not handle their data destruction appropriately.

When decommissioning your hard drives, you should enlist a professional to ensure the data is properly destroyed.  Hiring a professional hard drive destruction company can ensure proper disposal of the drives.  To avoid the risk of being penalized for not handling data properly, you should opt for professional hard destruction services from KVS Computers in Hughesville, PA.

Free Up Office Space

If you have decommissioned media storage devices, like hard drives, just laying around your office taking up space, you are putting yourself at risk. If those devices are not securely stored, you are risking a data breach occurrence.  Devices such as hard drives are extremely portable and easily removed from site.  The unauthorized removal of hard drives from a facility could place your organization in legal trouble if you the proper security measures were not taken to protect the data on site.  If you find yourself with limited time and limited secure storage space, your best option is to contact professionals to perform hard drive destruction services.


Maintain Your Company Compliance

One primary reason for never encouraging independently destroying data devices like hard drives is because there is a great chance you may not have a complete understanding of the process of data destruction or the laws and regulations surrounding it. Instead, hiring professionals such as KVS Computers in Hughesville, PA, assures your organization is compliant when performing data destruction.

Kill Your Confidential Data

Independently destroying media storage devices like hard drives may put your organization at risk for a data breach. Data you thought was erased may truly still exist on the drive and be accessible if it fell into the wrong hands. Hiring professionals, like KVS Computers of Hughesville, PA, to perform hard drive destruction can ensure your data is properly destroyed with no possibility of future access.
Individuals and organizations may have sincere intentions when trying to erase or destroy data when decommissioning their media storage devices. However, negligence can have catastrophic effects months or even years later. Therefore, it is highly suggested you hire professionals to ensure your data and hard drive destruction is performed with the utmost competence.

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